Anonymous was like: And now keaton can't go to flume because she is in Europe so what time you picking me up?? 

Keaton is going to flume :] I’m picking her up from the airport and we are going straight to The Nokia Center :]

Anonymous was like: It's all about carnage & floss .. Just saaaaayin 

Helloooo I’m a HDYGRL

Anonymous was like: Hard's set times are so fuckin wackkkk this year I'm pretty upset tbh but whatevs 

Dude. Hard 2013 for life.


Anonymous was like: You're gonna love flume seen him 3 times its a good show and hes the nicest guy to talk to :) 

Saw him for the first time at coachella and I fell in love. Immediately bought tickets for Keaton and I when I heard he was coming to LA :]

Anonymous was like: Next show you're going to? 

Well I’m going to Hard Summer August 2 & 3…but August 8th I’m seeing Flume!!!!!!

Anonymous was like: I know that love will find it's way back, l know she's all I see in my future. It's just so hard because I feel like I could never go out & find someone like she did, I know she said I wasn't there for her so she moved on, she wants me to wait and I told her last night waiting would kill me but I would never give up. I met her in high school, I pretty much came out with her and to this day I love her. I don't know what to do about it all, I told her if she's happy it's all that matters to me. 

You are just as capable of finding someone just like her. It’ll just take some time and getting used to. Don’t rush it if you aren’t ready.